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Stealing is a crime in New Jersey. However, there are different types of theft and each type carries punishments that vary in severity. Burglary is considered amongst the most serious types of thefts in New Jersey. Burglary is defined by New Jersey law as entering a structure that belongs to someone else with the intent to commit larceny or a felony within the structure. This structure may be a house, a store or other types of property. If you have been charged with burglary it is critical that you have a seasoned New Jersey Burglary Lawyer to represent you in your case. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with burglary, get in touch with Mollo Law Firm. Our seasoned attorney will fight to ensure your rights are protected. He will take immediate action to intervene in your case. He has represented thousands of clients in criminal cases. You can rely on his experience and extensive knowledge of New Jersey law and legal system to provide you with the best strategy for your case. 

Burglary Charges that a New Jersey Burglary Lawyer Can Help You Fight 

New Jersey law categorizes burglary as either second or third-degree burglary depending on how serious the case is. 

Third degree burglary 

Third-degree burglary is the lighter charge and carries the least severe penalties. If you are convicted for third-degree burglary, you could spend up to five years in prison. You may also be required to pay up to $15,000 in fines. The charges will not be reduced even for first-time offenders. 

Second degree burglary 

This is the most serious burglary charge. It carries the most severe punishment for burglary. This charge often indicates that additional criminal behavior was involved in the burglary. This may include behavior such as threatening the occupants of the building with a weapon. A conviction for a second-degree burglary can result in a prison sentence of between 5 and 10 years. You may also be required to pay up to $150,000 in fines. 

Ways in Which One Can Commit Burglary

Burglaries occur when a person gains unauthorized access to property belonging to someone else in order to do something that would be considered unlawful. Burglaries, however, can be committed in several different ways.

Burglary entering 

You are considered to have committed burglary by entering if you: 

  • Enter a property without permission or if no one is allowed into the property 
  • Enter a section of the property that is secured separately 
  • Enter a property during a period when no  one is allowed in 
  • Enter a property with the intention of carrying out an unlawful act. 

Burglary for remaining 

 You can be charged for burglary for remaining if you have accessed a secured section of the property unlawfully and did this knowing that you were not allowed to remain behind. 

  • Burglary by trespassing on the property of a utility company 

You may be charged with this type of burglary if you entered a utility company’s property without permission. If you accessed a utility company’s property and there was a public notice prohibiting entry. 

Expunge a Burglary Conviction with the help of a seasoned New Jersey Burglary Lawyer 

It is possible to have your burglary convictions scrapped off your records. This is known as having your conviction expunged. The process can be challenging and requires the help of an experienced New Jersey burglary lawyer for best results. 

There are specific requirements you must meet before you can apply to have your burglary conviction expunged:

  • You should not have more than one other separate indictable offense on your record i.e. a fourth degree theft 
  • It should have been at least 6 years since you completed your parole, prison term or paid your fines. 

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New Jersey Burglary Lawyer 

Have you been arrested or charged with burglary in New Jersey? The consequences of a burglary conviction in New Jersey are severe. It is therefore important to seek the services of a seasoned New Jersey burglary lawyer to represent you in your case. 

Contact our law firm to speak with our attorney, Al Mollo. Our attorney is skilled and experienced at defending people accused of burglary. He will review your case and guide you on your rights and options. He will take action immediately to ensure that your rights are protected. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Burglary in New Jersey 

Can you beat burglary charges?

Yes. It is possible to beat burglary charges. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your actions met the threshold of a burglary. They must present evidence to support their claim that you committed burglary. An experienced attorney can defend you against the charges. They will gather evidence to build a strong case on your behalf. They will also poke holes in the prosecution’s case. Your attorney can help you get your charges dropped or get them reduced and thus help you get a less severe charge. An attorney can negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf prior to the case going to trial and get you a less severe charge.

Can minors be charged with burglary?

Yes. Minors (those who are 18 years or younger) can be charged with burglary. However, the penalties will differ from those given to adults under similar charges. Minors charged with burglary face the possibility of serving up to 3 years in a juvenile detention facility for second-degree burglary and up to 2 years in a juvenile detention facility for third-degree burglary.

Detention is not the best way to rehabilitate a child. If your child has been charged with burglary, you should hire the best possible criminal defense attorney to help prevent your child from being sentenced to juvenile detention.