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New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyer 

Experienced New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyer Defending the Rights of Those Accused of Domestic Violence In Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, and Throughout NJ 

Domestic violence cases are often quite sensitive and complicated. These cases are often emotionally charged. The facts are often blurred and the charges may be based solely on the allegations of the victim. There are instances where these allegations are made purely out of spite or anger. Whether you’re innocent or not, it is important to have an experienced New Jersey domestic violence lawyer defending your rights. Domestic violence is considered a serious criminal matter in New Jersey. Being charged can result in serious consequences including serving jail time, having a permanent criminal record or losing your custodial rights over your children. 

At Mollo Law Firm, we know just how serious domestic violence charges are. We’ve witnessed the far-reaching effects of domestic violence convictions firsthand. We will work to uncover the truth and protect your rights. Our skilled and experienced attorney will work tirelessly to get the best outcome in your case. We will gather evidence and build a strong defense on your behalf. Our attorney will work to get the charges dropped or reduced. 

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Defining Domestic Violence in New Jersey 

Domestic violence is classified as a criminal act under New Jersey law and is taken very seriously. According to the Jersey Domestic Violence Act, domestic violence allegations can only be brought against: 

  • A current or former spouse or romantic partner 
  • A current or former member of the same household 
  • A person with whom you have had a child or are expecting a child with 

When there are obvious injuries, law enforcement is required by law to act and protect the victim from further injury. Law enforcement may also act even when there are no obvious injuries. The law requires law enforcement officers in New Jersey to make an arrest at the scene of a potential domestic dispute if: 

  • There are weapons present 
  • There is a possibility of internal injury 
  • The defendant is acting in violation of a restraining order 
  • There is probable cause to believe that the alleged victim has suffered an injury 

Domestic violence charges in New Jersey can become complicated very quickly. It is important to engage an experienced New Jersey domestic violence lawyer right from the start. Lawyer Al Mollo will take immediate action to protect your rights and help you avoid anything that could jeopardize the outcome of your case. Our law firm will get started in building your defense right away. 

Behaviors that may be considered as domestic violence in New Jersey 

Domestic violence is defined under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, N.J.S.A 2C:25-19(a) as inflicting any of the following acts on persons protected under the act by an adult or emancipated minor. 

  • Terroristic threats 
  • Assault 
  • Homicide 
  • Kidnapping 
  • Sexual assault 
  • Criminal restraint 
  • Criminal sexual contact 
  • Burglary 
  • Lewdness
  • Criminal mischief 
  • False imprisonment
  • Stalking 
  • Harassment
  • Robbery 
  • Criminal coercion 
  • Stalking 

If the perpetrator of the acts outlined above is a minor (under the age of 18 years and is un-emancipated) they cannot be charged with domestic violence under the New Jersey law. However, they can be charged with juvenile delinquency instead. 

If you have been accused of having perpetrated any of the acts above, it is critical that you seek the guidance and representation of an experienced New Jersey domestic violence lawyer. You will need a strong defense in order to be released from custody. You will also need expert representation to minimize the adverse impact of the charges against you. Attorney Al Mollo will provide you with a strong defense. Our law firm will ensure that your rights are protected and work to ensure the best outcome in your case. Contact Mollo Law Firm to schedule a consultation. 

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New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyer 

A domestic violence charge may not seem like much as you may believe that it is possible to work things out with your spouse or partner. However, once the criminal justice system in New Jersey is involved, the situation can quickly become more complex. You’ll need to have a skilled and experienced lawyer fighting to protect your rights. 

Contact Mollo Law Firm and speak to our seasoned New Jersey domestic violence lawyer. Our attorney will craft an effective defensive strategy designed to get the best outcome in your case. Our attorney will work to minimize the damage the allegations will have on your future. We’ll give your case the time and attention it deserves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Violence

I have been arrested and charged with domestic violence. What should I do?

In many instances, emotions run high in domestic violence cases. It is therefore important to avoid making any statements to the police when you are arrested and charged with domestic violence. Everything you do or say following the arrest will be entered as evidence and can be used against you. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, get in touch with a domestic violence attorney as soon as possible. Do not speak to the police save for giving them your personal identification information. Let your attorney handle everything else. You may otherwise jeopardize your case.

I was arrested on domestic violence charges but my spouse later recanted. What next?

Unfortunately, you won’t be off the hook simply because your spouse recanted their allegations. There’s a lot more that is considered than just your spouse’s allegations. There are instances where your spouse recanting the allegations would be enough to avoid prosecution. However, there are instances where the recanting may be taken as a change of heart and not a reflection of the truth. The prosecution may choose to proceed with the charges. It is important to have an experienced domestic violence attorney fighting in your corner. Your attorney will fight to protect your rights.