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New Jersey Fraud Lawyer 

New Jersey Fraud Lawyer 

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Fraud refers to obtaining something of value by applying deceptive means. It means using false pretenses to obtain property or access services. There are numerous types of fraud ranging from credit card fraud to mortgage and insurance fraud. Fraud is considered a white-collar crime. However, it carries consequences that are a lot more severe than other white-collar crimes. It is therefore important to have the representation of an experienced New Jersey fraud lawyer. 

If you’re facing fraud charges in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact Mollo Law Firm. We’ll provide you with access to representation from a skilled and experienced fraud attorney. Our fraud attorney will provide you with an effective defense strategy to ensure the best outcome in your case. Contact us now to schedule an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fraud in New Jersey 

What should I do after being arrested and charged with fraud in New Jersey?

If you have been arrested and charged with fraud in New Jersey, your actions and what you say thereafter can be used as evidence against you. When you are arrested for fraud you should:

– Remain silent – avoid talking to law enforcement officers beyond providing them with information about your identification. Do not answer questions if your attorney is not present. You may say something that jeopardizes your case.
– Contact a fraud attorney – it is important to get in touch with a New Jersey fraud lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest or when you suspect you are being investigated for fraud. Your lawyer will provide you with guidance on your rights and the options available to you. They will also develop a strategy for your defense and ensure you avoid saying or doing anything that could jeopardize the outcome of your case.
– Stay off social media – it is especially important to stay away from social media. Do not talk about your case or anything to do with it. Your activity on social media can be used as evidence against you.

What are some potential defenses against fraud charges in New Jersey?

There are several defenses that an attorney can use against fraud charges in New Jersey. Some of the most common defenses include: 

– Lack of intent – the prosecution must show that you had the intention of committing fraud in order to get a conviction. Your attorney can show that you did not intend to commit fraud. 
– Lack of evidence – The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the fraud. Evidence must be presented to support the charge. Your attorney can show that the evidence the prosecution presents is inadequate. 
– No illegality – fraud cases are often very complicated. Your attorney may be able to prove that there was no illegal action committed and that you were mistakenly charged with fraud. 
– Constitutional rights violations – your attorney may show that the evidence obtained by the prosecution was obtained illegally. The prosecution will therefore not be able to use the evidence and thus have to drop the case.