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Our firm represents individuals charged with DWI, Refusal and Criminal cases. It’s all we do. Our office is located in Red Bank, just a few minutes from the Eatontown Court. Attorney Al Mollo appears in the Eatontown Court on a regular basis. He has specialized training related to these types of cases and is one of only a select few attorneys in our state to be certified in DWI Refusal Field Sobriety Testing.  

The law in New Jersey requires all drivers consent to the taking of breath samples to determine impairment. If you are charged with a DWI Refusal in Eatontown, it is essential that you have an experienced Eatontown DWI Refusal fighting for you.

For you to be convicted of DWI Refusal in the Eatontown Municipal Court, the Eatontown Municipal Prosecutor must prove three things: (1) the Eatontown officer had probable cause to believe that you were operating a vehicle in Eatontown and were under the influence, (2) you were subsequently arrested in Eatontown for DWI, and (3) you refused to submit to a breath test when requested by the Eatontown officer

If you are charged with DWI Refusal in Eatontown or anywhere in the state, please contact our office for a free consultation. You can call 732-747-1844, text message 732-567-2441 or e-mail Or, simply click below for an instant consultation. Thank you.  

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