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Maybe this is your first ticket in the Middlesex municipal court, maybe you have had criminal cases in other towns in the past, what you know is you need inexpensive representation, without the cheap lawyer results. You may be asking questions like what are my rights when police search my vehicle? Or, do the police need a warrant to search my purse, backpack or other personal belongings? What happens if I am caught with drugs in my car, locker, or on my person in Middlesex or any other county in New Jersey. What is the difference between consent to search and violating a search? The expert team at Mollo Law Firm can answer these questions.

The Mollo Law Firm specializes in criminal and municipal court matters. It’s all we do. Mr. Mollo, our head attorney, will give you free legal advice with our free consultation. Offering both flat and hourly rates, we can work within any budget to allow the best lawyer help at a cost that is within your budget. Our office is located just a few miles from the Middlesex Municipal Court. We have handled hundreds of cases in the Middlesex Municipal Court. We have experience with Middlesex DWI, Middlesex Criminal and Middlesex Traffic matters. Al Mollo recently appeared on television speaking with a panel discussing Middlesex Municipal Court matters. Visit our website to see this clip

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About Middlesex NJ

Middlesex is both a municipality and the name of the county. Formerly a portion of Piscataway, NJ it was incorporated as its own municipality in 1913. Middlesex’s current population is around 13,000 and served as home to professional wrestler, Rocco Rock.

Useful Information About Middlesex, New Jersey

Middlesex Municipal Court 732.356.4644 Extension 245 or 279.

To access the telephone numbers for the following Middlesex entities visit this website:

Middlesex Municipal Court Middlesex Police Department Middlesex Town Hall or Middlesex Township Clerk

Other Types of Cases We Handle in Middlesex

We handle all cases in the Middlesex Municipal Court, including:

  • Middlesex Shoplifting Lawyer
  • Middlesex DWI Lawyer
  • Middlesex DWI Refusal Lawyer
  • Middlesex Marijuana Lawyer
  • Middlesex Prescription Drug Lawyer
  • Middlesex Speeding Lawyer
  • Middlesex Underage Drinking Lawyer
  • Middlesex NJ Municipal Court