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New Jersey Drug Crime Lawyer 

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Drug crimes in New Jersey are taken very seriously. Drug crime charges have severe penalties even for first-time offenders. These penalties vary for different drug charges but have become increasingly harsh over the years. Even a charge like the simple possession of drugs can result in you serving a jail term. It is therefore critical to have an experienced and knowledgeable New Jersey Drug crime lawyer defending you. 

It doesn’t matter what type of drug crime you have been accused of, you will need an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney fighting to defend your rights. Attorney Al Mollo is experienced in defending clients accused of drug crimes in New Jersey. Our law firm understands the impact that conviction for a drug crime can have on your life in the long term. We work tirelessly to get the best outcome for all our clients. We will provide you with an effective defense strategy and work to gather the evidence needed to support your case. 

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Types of Drug Cases that a New Jersey Drug Crime Lawyer from Mollo Law Firm Can Help You With 

There is a wide range of drug offenses. Lawyer Al Mollo has extensive experience in representing clients charged in a wide range of cases including those involving: 

  • Drug possession – You can be charged with drug possession if you were found to be having controlled and dangerous substances (CDS) on your person. Controlled and dangerous substances include drugs that are illegal to possess such as cocaine and heroin. CDS also includes drugs that are legal to possess but require a prescription from a licensed physician. Possessing these drugs is considered illegal if you don’t have a proper prescription. 
  • Distribution of drugs – This charge involves the transfer or intention to transfer drugs in your possession to another party. This may involve money or not. 
  • Manufacture of drugs – This charge involves making drugs without proper authorization. This often involves using a synthetic chemical process. 
  • Distribution of drugs within a school zone – This involves distributing drugs in a designated school zone. This could be within a school compound, within a designated radius outside the school compound or even within school property such a school bus or building that the school uses for school activities. 
  • Drug-related crimes – These include other crimes in which drugs are involved such as prescription fraud. 

Drug crimes are taken very seriously in New Jersey. It is best not to deal with any drug crime charges on your own. You will need an experienced and knowledgeable New Jersey drug crimes lawyer to represent you. Your attorney will defend your rights and help you navigate the complex legal system. 

New Jersey Drug Penalties 

New Jersey drug laws outline severe penalties for drug penalties. The severity and type of penalties depend on the type of drug crime committed. There are also various other factors that will influence the severity of the penalties awarded for a drug crime. These include: 

  • The volume of drugs that were found in your possession. Often, the severity of the punishment increases with the volume of CDS you are found to be in possession of. 
  • Were you in possession of drugs with the intent to sell the drugs in order to make a profit? 
  • The classification of the drugs in the controlled dangerous substances list. 
  • Your criminal history 

If you intend to sell the drugs for profit, the crime is considered more serious and the punishment will be more severe depending on the circumstances. 

Penalties for drug crimes vary depending on the type of crime you have been charged with. The punishments range from fines of up to $500 for drug possession right up to $300,000. You may also face imprisonment ranging from six months to 25 years. 

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New Jersey Drug Crime Lawyer

Are you facing drug charges? Whether you have been charged with possession, manufacturing or intent to distribute, you can rely on Mollo Law Firm for the best representation. Our attorney is battle-tested. He will fight to protect your rights. He has extensive experience with the complex legal system and will work to get the best outcome for your case. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Crimes in New Jersey 

Can a law enforcement officer search my car for drugs?

Law enforcement officers are only allowed to conduct a search for drugs in your property if they have a warrant issued by a judge or magistrate. The warrant should have been issued with probable cause. There are some exceptions when it comes to searching cars for drugs. A law enforcement officer won’t need to have a warrant issued in order to search your car if they believe there is a fair probability of discovering contraband in your car e.g. if they can smell the products or if you or a passenger appears intoxicated.

If I was a passenger in a car in which drugs were discovered during a search, can I get in trouble?

Yes. You will also be in trouble if you were a passenger in a vehicle in which drugs were discovered. Law enforcement officers will usually try to establish who the owner of the drugs is by asking the occupants of the vehicle. If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to neither deny nor admit anything. Whatever you say may have a negative impact on your case. Let the officer know that you will not be answering questions unless they are putting you under arrest. Even if you are arrested, be sure to wait for your drug crimes lawyer to arrive. Avoid saying anything when your lawyer is not present.