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Charged with Shoplifting in Old Navy? 

Shoplifting is type of theft that occurs when a person enters a store and steals goods with no intention of paying. In most cases, shoplifting is discovered once the person tries to exit the store and security or an alarm detector detects merchandise that has not been purchased.  Many people charged with New Jersey shoplifting crimes are good, productive citizens who made an unfortunate mistake.  These people deserve a second chance.  Additionally, not everyone accused of shoplifting is guilty. As a result, it is imperative that you have an experienced NJ shoplifting attorney, who has handled charges with thefts at Old Navy.  The right shoplifting lawyer can make all the difference when dealing with your theft charges.

What makes it important that you attorney be familiar with cases specifically at Old Navy? Similar to the Gap, Justice, and Hollister, Old Navy offers a popular line of clothing. Additionally, unlike the other stores, the price tag on Old Navy clothing is less. Due to this nature, you may walk in to Old Navy for one or two items, and walk out with a cart full of things you never expected to buy. It is due to the nature of this, that sometimes items get overlooked and customers are caught off guard leaving the store with unpaid items. The Mollo Law Firm’s attorneys are familiar with the Old Navy’s products and procedures, and this can help the attorney’s perspective, and as a result, approach to handling your case. Whether you were accused of stealing an entire wardrobe, or something smaller like cosmetics or jewelry, The Mollo Law Firm can advise as to how best prepare your defense.

Fighting Old Navy shoplifting cases can be challenging.  Old Navy shoplifting cases often involve strong evidence, such as video surveillance, that places the defendant at the scene. There may also be witnesses, including store employees or security personnel, who may testify at the time of trial. Finally, the merchandise itself may be used as evidence if it was found on the defendant’s body or in their vehicle.

An experienced shoplifting lawyer who has had specific cases with shoplifters at Old Navy, can evaluate all of the evidence and develop case strategy, even if it seems as though there is a slim chance of avoiding a conviction. For instance, your attorney can challenge witness testimony, the constitutionality of the search and how the evidence was processed by law enforcement.  An experienced shoplifting lawyer will examine the store video, interview witnesses and conduct an independent investigation.  An experienced shoplifting attorney will demand proof of every retail charge and ensure that police followed all rules when conducting their investigation.

Fines & Monetary Penalties for Shoplifting in Old Navy

The penalties for New Jersey shoplifting charges are potentially devastating.


Second Degree Shoplifting: Fine of up to $150,000
Third Degree Shoplifting: Fine of up to $15,000
Fourth Degree Shoplifting: Fine of up to $10,000
Disorderly Persons Shoplifting: Fine of up to $1,000


Second Degree Shoplifting: Up to 10 Years in Jail
Third Degree Shoplifting: Up to 5 Years in Jail
Fourth Degree Shoplifting: Up to 18 Months in Jail
Disorderly Persons Shoplifting: Up to 6 Months in Jail

* Anyone convicted of three or more Shoplifting offenses must serve 90 days in jail.

Community Service:

First Offense Shoplifting: 10 Days Community Service
Second Offense Shoplifting: 15 Days Community Service
Third Offense Shoplifting: 25 Days Community Service

The Mollo Law Firm handles shoplifting cases in Old Navy and other stores throughout New Jersey.   If you have been charged with Shoplifting at Old Navy, or anywhere in New Jersey, it is important that you have an experienced New Jersey Shoplifting attorney.  Al Mollo recently appeared on television  as an authority on Municipal Court cases including, but not limited to, shoplifting cases in Old Navy.  The right Old Navy shoplifting lawyer can make all the difference. Contact our offices for a free consultation.  You can reach us at 888-356-4529 or e-mail Al Mollo directly at  You may also visit our website at  Thank you.

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