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DWI in Spring Lake Heights?  We can help.  We are Spring Lake Heights DWI defense attorneys.  

Our firm handles only DWI and criminal matters.  If you are facing charges it is imperative that you have an experienced Spring Lake Heights DWI attorney standing by your side.  The right Spring Lake Heights DWI lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.   

Click to Watch DWI Lawyer Al Mollo on TV

Click to Watch DWI Lawyer Al Mollo on TV

The State of New Jersey has some of the toughest DWI and DUI laws in America.  Individuals convicted of Spring Lake Heights DWI will face a mandatory license suspension, fines, administrative penalties and, in some cases, the installation of an interlock device on their motor vehicle.  This is a breath testing machine a driver must blow in before the vehicle will start.  They also face jail for a first and second DWI offense, and mandatory jail for a third or subsequent DWI offense. You can learn more about the Spring Lake Heights DWI penalties by clicking here.

Spring Lake Heights drunk driving offenses are among the most serious charges a New Jersey driver can face in Court. Spring Lake Heights defendants experience the embarrassment and uncertainty associated with these life-changing charges.

Our firm has experience handling cases of this nature in Spring Lake Heights and throughout New Jersey.  Attorney Al Mollo is one of only few attorney in the state to be certified in field sobriety testing.  He also has specialized training regarding drug impairment recognition and forensic toxicology.  We will pursue all available legal options in an effort to obtain a favorable result on your behalf.  Please contact our office at (732) 747-1844 or e-mail Al Mollo directly at  Thank you.

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