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Lab Reports in Drug Cases in New Jersey

Individuals are charged with drug offenses every day in New Jersey. While every case is different, they usually have a common fact pattern: An officer pulls over a vehicle, or otherwise encounters an individual, and discovers drugs. The person is arrested, charged and their case begins.

But what happens with the drugs after they are seized? This is a very important question and is critical to the ultimate resolution of the case.

While the officer may believe he or she has discovered drugs at the time of the arrest (based on experience regarding appearance, smell, etc), that’s not good enough. The suspected drugs must be sent to a State Police lab for testing. The substance will then undergo scientific analysis to confirm or disprove the officer’s suspicions.

Paperwork generated during this phase in the case is critical. Documentation is created at every step in the process. For instance, a submission form is completed when the suspected drugs are sent to the lab. Also, an evidence receipt form is generated when the lab receives the sample. Finally, and most important, a lab report is produced reflecting the test results.

No drug case can be resolved without first obtaining and analyzing these and other documents. The State’s failure to produce any necessary materials will result in an application for dismissal. An experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney can review these items and present a defense on your behalf. You should never plead guilty to a drug charge without first seeing all of these documents.

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