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NJ DWI Alcotest Mouthpiece Defense

If you have been charged with DWI in New Jersey it is imperative that you know your rights.

Drivers arrested on suspicion of DWI are asked to submit a breath sample on a Alcotest. The New Jersey Supreme Court has established very specific requirements regarding the way the test is given. Failure to comply with the specific requirements can result in suppression of the breath result or, in some situations, dismissal of the case.

One such Alcotest requirement provides that officers must change the mouthpiece on the Alcotest machine between test samples. A driver must submit two valid breath samples. The reason for the mouthpiece requirement is to make sure that there is no alcohol or other contamination of the mouthpiece for each test. Failure to do this one simple thing can mean a successful resolution of your case.

These details matter. A trained NJ DWI lawyer can evaluate these defenses. We have successfully argued for suppression of breath test results based on failure to change the Alcotest mouthpiece.

This is just one example of the many defenses available to those charges with DWI or DUI in New Jersey.

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