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New Jersey Traffic Ticket Statutes of Limitation

The law limits the time police can file traffic charges against a driver in New Jersey.  Generally, law enforcement has 30 days to issue tickets for most offenses.  However, there are some exceptions:

Ticket Statute Time Limit
Drunk Driving 39:4-50 90 days
Refusal 39:4-50.4a 90 days
DWI CDL 39:3-10.13 90 days
CDL Refusal 39:3-10.24 90 days
Boating DWI 12:7-46 90 days
Boating Refusal 12:7-57 90 days
Revoked license 39:3-40 90 days
Passing a school bus 39:4-128.1 90 days
Illegally securing a license 39:3-12 1 year
False license application 39:3-34 1 year
Fictitious license application 39:3-37 1 year
Leaving accident scene 39:4-129 1 year

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